Riding the meanders up north!

“Okay, so I also have to get the charger adapter or maybe get the previous one fixed. Do remind me of that Punno if you will.”

“If I remember that is. See, I forget stuff too. I forgot to pick up the morning delivery for the hotel,” he chuckled.

“And here I was thinking I am dragging you with me.” Jerry turned around and gave Punno a pat.

The road turned sharply as it descended down the steep mountain slope. Naveed made it seem effortless, as he was used to the roads in Northern Pakistan. Jerry, however, being more accustomed to the European city life did not find himself relaxed despite making several trips up and down.

“Where is the seat belt?” Jerry exclaimed as he grappled at thin air, “Punno, there is no seat belt!”

Spreading his arms on the back seat Punno replied, “Relax Jerry no one wears a seat belt here. The last jeep was abnormal, it had one.”

“We are so screwed if something happens, especially on this road,” Jerry said as they were making their first of many turns.

“Oh, you are safer without a belt, you see. I rather get thrown out of this open jeep then accompany it tumbling downhill.”

“That Just made me more apprehensive. Thank you!”

Rustic Splendor

  The water dribbled down his coarse long hair and over his thick beard.  ‘How do I end up in the most rustic places around!’ he thought as he capped the water bottle. The sun was near his zenith in the cloudless sky, a bag beside him laden with everything from a sleeping bag to…