Happy Independence Day

“Who is that?” I asked.
“Oh that’s Pakistan; it’s his 70th birthday today.” The lady replied.
The guys still had their eyes fixed upon Pakistan and were anxiously waiting for something. I saw they had a ten dollar and a hundred bill lying in front of them.
“It is just a stupid bet they have every year,” she said abating my curiosity, “The loser gets to pay the other a hundred dollars.”
“What do they bet…”
“Shush you two,” one of the guys interrupted.
The lady smiled and whispered, “You will see.”


What we saw confused us. They were people alright but none of them were actually moving. They were in a constant sway and doing nothing. By now the stench was gone almost and we took our time observing them to. We could only hear the queer murmur and nothing else. ‘The rangers will be here soon’ I thought as I caught myself looking forwards to the people we were running away from all this time.