How do you Like your Bokeh?

“I don’t know man. I just like it,” she answered with a lost expression.

He kept looking at her in order for her to explain more. He learned in this article recently, where certain conversational hacks were mentioned; one of which was that after getting a short answer from the other person, if one continues looking at the person as if waiting for a more input, the other will add a few more lines.

“Maybe because of this cozy feeling it provides; the kind that keeps one in bed on a winter morning.” He nodded at that and thought ‘it worked’. She continued staring blankly at her hands, “they settle so peacefully on the eyes, gives me the feeling of comfort with objects fused together and nothing to focus at all.”

Ser Jorah of Punjab

It was by chance that he stumbled upon the Lannister , while he was whoring around in Volantis( his last stop towards Westeros.)

“Ser Jorah Mormont san ei ragi shuon pruth,” he said at the top of his lungs now.

The crowd erupted around him at this point. It was the females that found it funny more. Getting the sense of what it meant Mormont got down from the steed and smacked Tyrion across his face and sent him without a single word.

“I was only telling them about the size of your…. brain!” he uttered getting back on his short legs. “You old hag.”

The last part made him got his hands shackled.