How do you Like your Bokeh?

A Bokeh Blessing!

“Almost all of them have ordinary subjects or a common scene,” Buzz said as he went through the pictures on his friend’s DSLR who was sitting beside him.

“What do you mean?” She asked, still looking out of the car window.

“That your pictures are not going for the uniqueness that comes with out of ordinary subject.”

She cracked at that and turned towards him, “that’s euphemism for ‘you lack perspective or a keen eye.’”

He clucked. “Dude!! I meant you see a different ordinary. That was a compliment.”

“Oh well, meh,” she shrugged the compliment and leaned over to see the camera screen, “I just take pictures man.”

“Let me show you my favorite ones,” she added taking the camera from him. He watched her going through the pictures, as the road lights washed over her face time after time. “There they are! Go next from this picture,” she told him handing the camera back and leaning over just to see it with him.

What he saw was something familiar, but he did not say anything at the time. One after another were blurry with lights turned into big orbs and everything smeared smooth.

“These are your favorite!” he looked at her perplexed.

“Yeah, they are all BOH-kay images spelled B-O-K-E-H.”

“What is it actually?”

“It comes from Japanese word Boke meaning blur or haze,” she continued with a bit enthusiasm,” these are basically aesthetically pleasing and out of focus images.”

“Yeah I see that; indeed they are,” he replied as he went through more of these familiar sights. “Tell me why do you like this kind of photography.”

“I don’t know man. I just like it,” she answered with a lost expression.

He kept looking at her in order for her to explain more. He learned in this article recently, where certain conversational hacks were mentioned; one of which was that after getting a short answer from the other person, if one continues looking at the person as if waiting for a more input, the other will add a few more lines.

“Maybe because of this cozy feeling it provides; the kind that keeps one in bed on a winter morning.” He nodded at that and thought ‘it worked’. She continued staring blankly at her hands, “they settle so peacefully on the eyes, gives me the feeling of comfort with objects fused together and nothing to focus at all.”

He was spellbound at her description and she was surprised with it too, maybe, because she was not used to explaining things. During this silence they shared, she felt a palpable sense of comfort, as if everything around them has blurred out. ‘Just like this moment’ she thought as she met his face.

She considered him a good friend more than before because she felt comfortable breaking her character around him.

“That was beautiful!” He gasped.

She shrugged that off again but with a smile this time.

They were reaching an intersection of roads on the highway they were on; each of the roads was lined with lampposts which made the intersection a spectacle of lights. He could not think of a better moment to reveal what he was holding back so far.

“Close your eyes,” he ordered her.


“Trust me just close them and do not open them up till I tell you to.”

“Okay….” she replied and closed her eyes hesitantly.

They were nearing the intersection now and the lights were approaching them. He took off his spectacles and handed them to her.

“Wear the glasses, without opening your eyes. Okay?”

She acquiesced and put them on.

“Now open your eyes slowly and look straight at the approaching lights.”

When she did open them the sight was a bolt from the blue. She was witnessing a Bokeh! A Bokeh like no other; in fact, she was living one. He watched her making sure to catch her expressions. Her face lit up seeing the circular fused blobs of light coming apart and becoming singular and smaller as they approached her. She saw the back red lights of the vehicles bloating up as they went past their car and ahead.

Everything was mellow and she experienced the comfort that she talked about earlier to its fullest.

“Wow!” she gasped holding her hand over her gaped mouth.

He was quite pleased with what he did and how he did it. This Bokeh she talked about was how he saw the world without his glasses, something that comes with low eyesight. He knew she was going to love the sight, for what he sees without his spectacles is what people see with the same spectacles.

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