Kala Kala Saday-A Short Story

The men were talking about the usual border security and the outgoing Afghan government–American’s puppets they called them.  Ahmad was deaf to such talk, instead, his mind wandered cross-border into Pakistan. 

His daydreaming, unlike him,  was free to roam into Pakistan and drive the off-roader he saw there on his last visit to the Afghan-Pakistan border. He pictured himself behind the wheel zipping past everyone on the road and sending plumes of dust in the air behind him. 

A heavy tap to his forehead snapped him back into reality.

“What father,” Ahmad asked befuddled.

“Rahim was kind enough to get you..,” Bahadur looked to his left and motioned towards Rahim.

Rahim handed the kid the envelope and asked him to open it. Ahmad emptied the content on his lap.

Bahadur shrieked, “Alaka careful, you might catapult them into the tea. You don’t know the trouble Rahim went through for this.”

Harbored in the creases of his kameez were two cards! The first one was an Identity card that made his 2 years older and the stretched picture seconded it. The next card he picked up was the Border Permit with his name written in bold.

A wide-eyed Ahmad now held the cards in his hands and looked back and forth towards his father and Kala Kala Saday whose seemed to say ” At last! It dawned upon him at last! ”

“Alaka, you can cross over to Chaman on your own now,” Rahim told him.

The Black & White God

My CV’s the entry of ‘an experienced shepherd’ under skills is a popular destination for the skimming eye. I have made such an entry as it helps me stand out from all the city mice and because a shepherd is much like a project manager, a team player, and a workplace’s scrum master.
‘Pst,’ I regretted as soon as blurted out the sound.

The ram jerked his head up in menace as if to say, “pst once more and I will ram you against this very boulder.” The stare bore into me for some time until I looked away. I decided to stay and observe from my safe haven, at least while the ram was nearby.

The head shepherd had told me that it is just above one and a half year old; however, its body was the size of a full-grown ram, and its horns had grown thicker and longer than an ordinary ram.

‘Give it some more time and it might resemble a Marco Polo sheep,’ I thought.
From above one could fully appreciate the light and dark that split its back, face and even the horns. It was a walking-breathing art-exhibit.

Halal Homicide

He felt with his other hand for her jugular, where he would cut into her throat according to the religious tradition. She was laid on the ground bounded while the color black flowed around her.
the knife gnawed into her neck once again and this time the grunts took the form of a wail!
The knife was at work again a third time and only then the slaughter concluded.

Happy Independence Day

“Who is that?” I asked.
“Oh that’s Pakistan; it’s his 70th birthday today.” The lady replied.
The guys still had their eyes fixed upon Pakistan and were anxiously waiting for something. I saw they had a ten dollar and a hundred bill lying in front of them.
“It is just a stupid bet they have every year,” she said abating my curiosity, “The loser gets to pay the other a hundred dollars.”
“What do they bet…”
“Shush you two,” one of the guys interrupted.
The lady smiled and whispered, “You will see.”


What we saw confused us. They were people alright but none of them were actually moving. They were in a constant sway and doing nothing. By now the stench was gone almost and we took our time observing them to. We could only hear the queer murmur and nothing else. ‘The rangers will be here soon’ I thought as I caught myself looking forwards to the people we were running away from all this time.